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Children Ramadan Journal

The Children Ramadan Journal is a 30 Day activity journal for kids aged 6- 10 years old kids to know about Ramadan and Islam in a fun and interactive way.

The main purpose of this book is to build interest and connection around Ramadan and Islam. Let the kids feel a sense of belonging towards the most special month of the year. Leave them wanting to feel good and to do more good to each other. 


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With just a few days left for Ramadan to start, we are all busy prepping up for the most sacred month of the year. Yes dahi barays, samosa fillings, spring rolls are essential for our stomach but most important is to prepare our kids hearts and souls for these special days.

We all have good intentions to invoke good connections and build excitement around our faith for our kids at an early age onwards so let’s set up a mini Ramadan routine for our kids. 

How to use the journal

The child pens down their daily worship and thoughts. There is an activity for that day where they learn about our Deen in a fun lighthearted way. Let them take ownership of their journal and encourage them to color the pages as they like.

Set a routine for the kids when they are relaxed and at ease so they can spend around a few minutes per day for filling out the journal. Encourage them to color the pages, use stickers to decorate the cover page, make it personalized for them.

For younger kids, moms or dads can spend a few minutes talking to them about their day , letting them color the pages and filling out the journal for them. Let them speak their minds and you can write it for them if they are too young. For older kids, encourage them to think and ponder and ask questions that may arrive in their minds.

Tips for parents

This is the time to build connection with them so make the most of your time. Sit with them and discuss about the topic for that day. Encourage them to think and ponder and ask questions. You can also give a gift of completion at the end of Ramadan for completing the journal.

Our duas are that Allah may give us the courage and hikmat to instill a love for the Qur’an and guide our kids towards knowing our Rabb and set the way to have a more meaningful relationship with Allah and Ramadan.

Daily Worship Pages

The child notes down their daily worship. They can color in the Salah beads for their prayers they perform for that day. Fasting is also measured here and kids are encouraged to do daily good deeds and mark them down. 

Fun Activity Pages

There are many fun filled activity pages where kids will enjoy doing crosswords, word scramble, dot to dot, maze search and many other activities. Let the kids spend time on them and get creative in coloring the pages as they would want to do.

Creative Learning Pages

Learning pages have been designed to keep the interest of children in mind. They will learn many important and interesting facts about Islam and Ramadan in an imaginative and artistic way.